Over 70 learners drop out of Minna Sachs

31 Jan 2018 06:20am
By Suzith Tjitaura
KEETMANSHOOP, 31 JAN (NAMPA) – Over 70 learners dropped out at Minna Sachs Primary School in the Tseiblaagte residential area of Keetmanshoop in 2017.
This statistic was part of information availed to parents at a school meeting recently.
School authorities during that occasion urged parents to encourage their children to take education seriously and to remain in school for as long as possible.
A parent who spoke to Nampa said it was shocking that learners “in this day and age” drop out during the primary school phase.
“We heard how teachers would go to the houses of the learners who fail to ask them to attend school, only to be told that they would not return,” the parent said.
Approached by this agency, principal Richard Namaseb said most of those who dropped out were in the upper-primary phase.
“Learners dropping out is a common thing at Minna Sachs; it has been happening for years,” Namaseb said.
He pointed out that the main reason for this occurrence were that parents had no control over their children.
“Many of these learners come from single-parent homes and there is a problem with control at home,” said the principal.
Alcohol abuse in the home and community was another factor highlighted by Namaseb, in addition to some learners residing with their grandparents.
“The elders are old and weak and cannot walk the learners to and from school,” he said.
In some instances, families relocate to other towns or villages and move learners without informing the school.
The principal said he is now dealing with a situation where parents of some of those learners who dropped out last year, demand that their children be taken back.
“These are some of the issues and Government wants young learners back in school too,” Namaseb said.
Constance Wantenaar, the education inspector of the Kalahari Circuit under which Minna Sachs falls, said she was not aware of the situation at the school when approached for comment.