Nama Genocide Committee plans to boycott consultations...says government is arrogant

January 30, 2018, 5:21pm

The genocide technical committee is planning a boycott of government-led community consultations on the genocide issue in the south as Namibia continues to put pressure on Germany in a United States Court.

Speaking to The Villager, Secretary for the technical committee, Paul Thomas has labelled the consultations as a show of disrespect by government as they are being held at a time when the Nama community is still grieving the death of its chief, David Frederick.

 “Dear Nama Communities, let us boycott all the consultations in the South which (are being) held by Namibian government on the Genocide Matter. That meeting is aimed at misleading the communities and disrespectful towards us at this point in time. While we are mourning the death of our Gaob the government see it as an opportunity to conduct consultations to solicit inputs from the communities.”