MICT Erongo launches GBV film

25 Jan 2018 12:20pm
SWAKOPMUND, 25 JAN (NAMPA) - The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) in the Erongo Region on Wednesday launched a short film on Gender Based Violence (GBV) here.
Speaking at the launch, Media Officer Steven Kashekele, who produced and directed the film that is 30 minutes long, said it is aimed at spreading the message of the fight against GBV in the country.
“As a ministry entrusted with information distribution through various communication mediums, we felt it is befitting to make this film and make the voice louder on the fight against GBV,” Kashekele told reporters.
Kashekele said this is the first of his projects and is determined to produce more as he continues to improve his skills in movie production.
The drama, starring Grace Amunyela, Leonard Sashilungu, Chesley Hans Geriseb and Assertha Marsh, will be submitted to the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation’s television service for broadcast. All the actors had not received prior professional training in acting.
The message in the film is portrayed from the perspective of an unemployed woman putting financial and emotional pressure on her boyfriend.
The themes of violence, alcohol abuse and child neglect are all brought out in the film.
Kashekele said it was decided that the message should not always focus on men abusing women but it should also show that sometimes women also abuse men.
“This film comes at the right time where we have many cases of GBV where women are killed and injured by their male partners. Our aim is to stop this through giving the right information.”
The filming was supported by the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Ministry of Safety and Security and individuals from DRC informal settlement who availed their shacks.