Council for property valuers' profession launched

15 Nov 2013 15:50pm
WINDHOEK, 15 NOV (NAMPA) - Lands and Resettlement Minister Alpheus !Naruseb officially launched the first Namibia Council for Property Valuers’ Profession in the capital on Friday morning.
“Valuation has become a complex science in which one has to have knowledge and understanding of the economy, the value of money and how to translate the value of goods into monetary terms,” he said in his keynote address.
!Naruseb urged the council to put mechanisms in place which will embrace and encourage persons to upgrade their valuation qualifications and expertise.
“The reality we find ourselves in is that the valuation practice is dominated by a number of persons who do not have the requisite qualifications to value, or have limited knowledge and expertise to undertake valuations,” he noted.
Stakeholders who will serve on the council are Rudolf !Naruseb, Amalia Shikongo, Janett Karin Imbili, Linda Teofelus, Nadia van der Smit, Akutu Ndasilwohenda and Albert Peter Brockerhoff.
The council has a 71 per cent female representation.
“I am confident that women as important role-players in our society will show their outstanding abilities in this first Namibian Council,” he added.
The council will be expected to levy fees and charges to applicants, and ensure that educational institutions deliver valuation programmes in line with accepted standards which respond to the demands of the market, as stipulated in the Property Valuers’ Profession Act No.7 of 2012.
“I expect the council to put in place a code of conduct and disciplinary measures to deal with the improper conduct of valuers, and encourage rules to be put in place which will clarify the implementation of the powers of the council, and how it will exercise its powers,” said !Naruseb.
He then handed over appointment certificates to the new council members, who will serve a four-year term each.