Pensioner accused of killing wife hearing judgement Tuesday

22 Jan 2018 14:20pm
WINDHOEK, 22 JAN (NAMPA) - An elderly farmer on trial in the High Court for shooting his wife with a revolver at a farmhouse in Aranos in 2010, is expected to hear his fate on Tuesday.
High Court Judge Naomi Shivute was scheduled to hand down judgement in the matter on 24 November 2017, but could not do so because she was unable to complete the verdict on time due to other official duties.
Judgement will now be delivered Tuesday morning at 10h00.
On 06 June 2017,Willem Visagie Barnard, 64, in his own defence told the court he had no recollection of the events of the night of 10 April 2010 when he allegedly gunned down his wife, Anette Barnard, in their living room at Farm Chorus at Aranos in the Hardap Region.
The farmer told the court he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the commission of the crime.
Barnard only recalls that the following morning when he woke up, he saw the lifeless body of his wife in a pool of blood and a revolver lying on the floor.
He faces a charge of murder, and his case is being dealt with as per the provisions of the Combating of Domestic Violence Act, Act No. 4 of 2003, which calls for a long custodial term if he is found guilty on Tuesday.
In September 2016, Barnard suffered a heavy blow when his application for discharge was dismissed by the court after the State established a prima facie case against him and this required him to be placed on the defence.
Evidence presented during the trial has it that Anette died instantly from a single gunshot to the head.
Upon his arrest, Barnard allegedly told the police that he was tired of his wife's constant comments on the murder of right-wing leader Eugene Terre'Blanche in South Africa.
After the shooting, Barnard allegedly called his son-in-law and told him that he had just killed his wife.
Palmer Khumalo, assisted by Cliff Lutibezi, appeared for the prosecution.
Advocate Louis Botes defended Barnard, who is free on bail.