Hambukushu committee makes U-turn on dismissal of Fumu Mbambo

18 Jan 2018 17:30pm
RUNDU, 18 JAN (NAMPA) – After trying to force the traditional leader of the Hambukushu, Fumu (Chief) Erwin Munika Mbambo out of power, the dismissal committee has withdrawn its position on the matter.
This is according to a letter addressed to the Fumu himself and the Hambukushu traditional authority and seen by Nampa here on Wednesday.
The same letter was addressed to the Minister of Urban and Rural Development Sophia Shaningwa and availed to members of the media.
“This letter serves to inform you that our letter of 24 December 2017 addressed to you titled, ‘Dismissal from the position of Fumu’ and the report which was attached thereto has been unconditionally withdrawn from today, 17 January 2018,” chairperson of the fact finding and dismissal committee, Elifas Dingara wrote.
Without providing reasons for the unconditional withdrawal, Dingara said the committee has also been dissolved and dismantled with immediate effect.
“We apologise unconditionally to you and any person involved in this matter for any inconvenience caused. The committee expresses its unreserved regrets in this matter,” the letter reads.
Media reports had it that a committee of members of the Hambukushu tribe was established with the sole aim of forcing Chief Mbambo out of power, for a number of alleged transgressions.
The committee said it had “dismissed” Mbambo from his throne.
It accused the chief of having blocked development in the Hambukushu traditional area, among a host of other accusations.
The committee claimed Mbambo lacks the leadership acumen required by Hambukushu traditions, values and culture.