Namvet Liberation Movement not a breakaway group: Ndeunyema

16 Jan 2018 18:20pm
WINDHOEK, 16 JAN (NAMPA) – The recently established Namvet Liberation Movement is not a break-away group from the Namibia War Veteran’s Trust (Namvet), but is rather a pressure group.
This was said by Namvet chairperson Jabulani Ndeunyema at a media conference in the capital on Monday.
He said the movement is in fact his brainchild to gear the organisation’s activities in a direction that may gain government’s attention faster.
He rubbished earlier media reports that the liberation movement in question was a breakaway group from Namvet.
It was earlier reported that more than 30 former SWATF/Koevoet members broke away from Namvet and have now established the Namvet Liberation Movement and that they vowed to spill blood if their demands are not met.
These include being recognised as war veterans, which would amongst others mean they are entitled to pension payouts.
“The recent march to State House that was stopped by the police was the initiative of Namvet Liberation Movement’s leader,” Ndeunyema explained.
He also said the reports claiming the group has promised to spill blood, were not true.
Namvet Liberation Movement spokesperson, Uondaja Koruhama, reportedly said they are not part of Namvet anymore and that they were ready to spill blood, while Utjitavi Muheue, a member of the newly formed movement allegedly accused Namvet of not having been honest with them.
Speaking to Nampa on Tuesday, Muheue however echoed Ndeunyema’s sentiments, saying they established themselves as a pressure group within Namvet to push the organisation (Namvet) to carry out its responsibility.
“We are really tired of the delay in the handling of our case, hence the establishment of Namvet Liberation Movement, but we are not a breakaway group,” he said.
Muheue also said their “spilling blood” statements were misconstrued and did not refer to them taking up arms against the police in any way.