Learner-teacher ratio at schools worries APP

16 Jan 2018 08:40am
RUNDU, 16 JAN (NAMPA) – The secretary-general of the All People’s Party, Vincent Kanyetu has called for careful consideration by parents about learner to teacher ratios when selecting schools in which to enrol their children.
In an interview with Nampa recently, Kanyetu added that parents may find this critical when evaluating a healthy education system in the country.
His comments come after he visited some schools in the Kavango East and West regions at the beginning of the school year and found that the ratio of some schools now stands at 86 learners to one teacher.
“The situation is really worrisome with what is happening in our public schools. This situation is unfortunately not just in our region, it is happening in schools in the Zambezi, Otjozondjupa, Omusati and Ohangwena regions,” he said.
Parents, he explained, flock to schools in the beginning of the year and the schools have limited space to accommodate every learner, then have no choice but to take in learners, leading to the ballooning number of learners in classrooms.
Kanyetu said this is most prevalent in Grade 1, which serves as the base for learners’ education.
“A teacher will not cope with 86 learners in one classroom. It is easy for a teacher to teach, evaluate and give feedback if there is a smaller number of learners in a classroom,” the APP leader argued.
He said the situation is evident at schools such as Rundu Junior Primary School in the Kavango East Region and schools in the Ohangwena and Zambezi regions, which he did not name.