Sheya wants continued effective service delivery for Outjo residents

12 Jan 2018 08:10am
OUTJO, 12 JAN (NAMPA) – The new Governor of the Kunene Region, Marius Sheya on Thursday called on the Outjo Municipality to continue its effective delivering of services to residents of the town.
Sheya was speaking at the swearing-in of the town’s new mayor, Samuel !Oe-Amseb at the council chambers.
The event also witnessed the swearing in of Pieter Mostert in his new position of chairperson of the Outjo Municipality’s management committee.
Sheya called on the new mayor and management committee chairperson to serve the residents of the town with dedication and loyalty.
Sheya served as Outjo’s mayor from 04 December 2015 to December 2017, when he was appointed as Kunene Governor following the death of Angelika Muharukua.
“You remain the best team of councillors I have ever known. My exit will not affect the team if you continue to be persistent in service delivery,” he said.
He then urged the councillors to prioritise development activities such as the formalisation of informal settlements.
Sheya also reminded them of the recently approved servicing of 250 residential plots in Extension 5 and 6 by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development.
With regards to a poultry farming business plan which will cost the council about N.dollars 70 million, he said implementation is needed, adding that the project will create employment for residents.
Sheya also called on !Oe-Amseb and Mostert to start thinking about the establishment of a solar plant at the town.
“We want to see Outjo become the centre of education and a tourism hub in the region,” he said.
The new mayor thanked Sheya for his visionary leadership.
“We promise to deliver on our role of making council policies and decisions and also to promote this town to attract investments,” !Oe-Amseb said.
He then called on the officials of the municipality to deliver and implement council resolutions on time.
!Oe-Amseb further said he would like to see the municipality recover the N.dollars 30 million owed by residents for services rendered.
Nearly 100 community members and Outjo Constituency Regional Councillor, Johannes Antsino attended the event.