PDM dissatisfied with national examination results

11 Jan 2018 19:30pm
WINDHOEK, 11 JAN (NAMPA) – The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) has expressed dissatisfaction with the results of both Grade 10 (JSC) and Grade 12 (NSSC) national examinations.
In a media release issued on Thursday, PDM treasurer-general, Nico Smit lamented on behalf of the official opposition party over the fact that approximately 27 000 Grade 10 learners and 13 399 Grade 12 learners who sat for national exams in 2017 did not pass.
“This means that over 50 000 young Namibians who have been failed by the public education system are likely to face little prospect of a decent future,” Smit maintained.
According to him, the fact that the education ministry could not reach a low target of 45 per cent admission to tertiary education is proof that leadership at the helm of the ministry is “hopelessly out of its depth”.
Smit added that the PDM finds the comments made at the release of the 2017 JSC and NSSC examination results by Minister of Education, Arts and Culture, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa shocking and concerning.
“To call on learners to work hard and pass reveals a shocking misunderstanding and it comes as no surprise that Hanse-Himarwa would again attempt to shift the blame for failure on everyone but herself,” he expressed.
Smit added that PDM however agrees with Hanse-Himarwa’s assertion that “it is high time that we start moving away from this mediocrity, low performance, laziness and visionless approach”.
He further stated that the education ministry over the years set the country on a trajectory and produces more failures than anything else, making Vision 2030 an unrealistic goal to achieve.
“PDM believes that the future of Namibia is in jeopardy and it is quite obvious that Government is unable to address this problem,” Smit concluded.
Hanse-Himarwa could not be reached for comment.