Shortage of classrooms a headache for Kunene schools

10 Jan 2018 17:30pm
WINDHOEK, 10 JAN (NAMPA) – More than 90 Grade 10 learners in the Opuwo Circuit in the Kunene Region are struggling with getting placement in schools.
This was confirmed to Nampa on Tuesday by the circuit’s Education Inspector, Chris Tjivikua.
A lack of proper classroom infrastructure is one of the major challenges for schools in the region, according to Tjivikua.
The Opuwo Circuit has a total of 15 schools with Grade 10 and only five offering Grade 11, which, according to the inspector, is a challenge to the placing of learners who passed Grade 10.
Tjivikua said the main concern regarding placement of learners in the circuit was experienced by learners from Ehomba, Kephas Muzuma, Ohungua, Okaoko-Otavi and Musaso combined schools.
Tjivikua told Nampa that most of the learners have been placed while more than 90 Grade 10 learners were still without places.
This, according to Tjivikua, is because of a shortage of classroom infrastructure at most schools, not only in the Opuwo circuit, but in the entire region.
“This will force us to make use of tents or construct corrugated iron structures to accommodate these learners; a situation which may not be conducive for both the learners and the teachers,” the inspector said, adding that teachers will be left with no choice but to have more than 40 learners per classroom as the number of learners to be admitted in schools exceeds the available infrastructure.
Tjivikua said this has a very negative impact and may influence the performance of the learners during examinations.
“Giving class activities to learners and the marking of assignments also becomes a headache for the teacher in such circumstances,” Tjivikua explained, further outlining the shortage of teachers as one of the challenges facing the region.
Tjivikua told Nampa that some qualified teachers, especially for the secondary and combined schools, were already appointed in December, but those employed on contract were still to be considered for appointment in primary schools.
Director of Education in Kunene, Angelina Steenkamp echoed Tjivikua’s sentiments on the issue in question as well as the shortage of teachers in the region.
She however established that the directorate is busy working around the clock to have the problems solved.
“It is our responsibility to make sure that all learners are placed and we will leave no stone unturned in this regard,” Steenkamp promised.