Increase in NSSC exam candidates worry Hanse-Himarwa

10 Jan 2018 16:30pm
WINDHOEK, 10 JAN (NAMPA) – Minister of Education Arts and Culture, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa has raised concern over the escalating number of both part-time and full-time candidates registering for Grade 12 ordinary level examinations countrywide.
At a media conference for the preliminary release of the Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) results in Windhoek on Wednesday, Hanse-Himarwa said registered full-time and part-time candidates increased over the past three years from 6,8 per cent in 2015 to 9,3 per cent in 2017.
“The increase in registration over the years raises an alarm for education planners, because the ministry is approaching the planning stages for the transition from the old senior secondary curriculum to the newly revised curriculum.”
Himarwa added that the increase in part-time candidates’ enrolment especially, which has increased from 9,9 per cent in 2016 to 12,5 per cent in 2017, is worrying and will require thorough planning to ensure that all candidates are catered for.
“It should also be noted that the increase in the number of candidates puts more pressure on the administrative, control and coordination of the national examinations,” Hanse-Himarwa maintained.
She further stated that the ministry will do its utmost best to maintain the credibility and integrity of the national exams.