MUN outlines retrenchments and labour unrest as key challenges in 2017

09 Jan 2018 14:30pm
WINDHOEK, 08 JAN (NAMPA) – The Mineworkers Union of Namibia (MUN) was mainly challenged by retrenchments and several cases of labour unrest throughout last 2017, Paul Situmba, MUN's Assistant Secretary General, has said.

In a recent interview with Nampa, Situmba said retrenchments continue to frustrate the MUN as most members are left jobless and labour unrest hinders the progress of the union.

'Retrenchment and labour unrest was a huge challenge to MUN, and it is mostly caused by unhealthy relationships between shop stewards and employers,' Situmba said.

He added that effective communication, trust, respect and mutual cooperation should be a priority between shop stewards and employers in order to achieve their set objectives.

However, Situmba highlighted reaching a compromise on job cuts planned by the Scorpion Zinc Mine in April last year as an achievement for the union.

According to him, most of the other disputes were resolved through the High Court.

MUN is often faced with a challenge of unrealistic demands by members who make impossible demands such as 100 per cent salary increments, pension and health benefits among others, according to Situmba.

He further mentioned that the MUN will continue to foster good relations between all stakeholders and introduce capacity building programmes which will help reduce future labour disputes.