Some 85 families in Rundu East Constituency in dire need of food

13 Nov 2013 17:40pm
MUHOPI, 12 NOV (NAMPA) - About 85 families in the Rundu Rural East Constituency of the Kavango East Region are in dire need of basic food and clothing.
They live in impoverished conditions, and have only one meal a day.
Rundu Rural East Constituency Councillor Michael Shikongo told Nampa on Tuesday that his office made an assessment in his constituency, after which it was discovered that some 85 families are ‘skating on thin ice’ and do not know where their next meal would come from.
The councillor thus appealed to Good Samaritans, especially those with unused food and discarded clothes and bedding to donate them to his office for distribution to the needy people in his constituency.
Shikongo singled out 215 elderly people in the Rundu Rural East Constituency, who do not benefit from Government’s pension grants because they do not have the necessary documentation as some of them relocated from neighbouring Angola many years ago, and are yet to acquire Namibian identity documents.
Those elderly people are in need of blankets, especially during this rainy season when mosquitoes, which cause malaria, are common.
On Tuesday, Shikongo handed over foodstuff, beds, mattresses and clothing to two destitute families at the Muhopi village, situated some 15km east of Rundu in his constituency.
The items are valued at over N.dollars 50 000, and were donated by Josephine Chisengo Ndara, a businesswoman based in Windhoek, but who hails from the Kavango West Region.
Ndara decided to donate the goods after learning about the plight of the destitute families in that constituency.
The first two recipient families consisting of seven people altogether all sleep on the floor with no mattresses in one hut structure, and share torn blankets.
They have been surviving from wild fruits gathered in the nearby bushes.
The councillor thus urged other businesspeople to display some generosity by giving to the less fortunate in society, especially during this coming festive season - traditionally known for giving and caring.
One of the beneficiaries, Simaho Marungu, on Tuesday expressed gratitude for the food and bedding they had received, saying they now have been guaranteed a meal, which will give them energy to work on their mahangu fields.