Vendors want to sell alcohol at Independence Beach

31 Dec 2017 15:20pm
By Paulus Shiku
WALVIS BAY, 31 DEC (NAMPA) – Food vendors currently operating at Independence Beach in Walvis Bay, capitalising on the festive celebrations, are upset that they are not allowed to sell liquor there.
Some interviewed by Nampa on Sunday said the fact that holidaymakers are not restricted to bring alcoholic beverages to the beach makes it unfair to business people.
Beatha Aluvina, who sells meat, salad and tripe at Oletu Take Away, complained that most of her customers ask for alcohol which she does not have.
As such, some vendors have been taking a gamble to sell alcohol, but when found by law enforcement officers, they will be told to stop.
“If we are not allowed to sell alcohol, then nobody should bring it here and drink. It is better they buy from us; we are here to make money,” said Aluvina while peeling potatoes.
Fiina Valombola has the same grievance in addition to being concerned about thieves breaking into her tent and stealing clothes, cell phones and shoes.
Valombola said a man cut open her tent from behind on Saturday night while they were sleeping inside the tent.
“He even stole a cell phone from my friend’s pocket while she was sleeping next to me, but we managed to have him arrested.”
Her worry is that she rented the tent which is now damaged and she might be asked to pay for the damage.
Nercky Mbwalala of Omfana Bar from Swakopmund, with cold beer in hand, had little to say about alcohol and more about safety.
His tent also got broken into on Wednesday, but the thief did not steal anything as security guards and police officers spotted him in time.
The three vendors said sales have not been good for the past two weeks they have been at the popular coastal spot.
They have high hopes that more people will flock to the beach on New Year’s Eve to celebrate and buy food.
“I expect this place to be full on Sunday night and Monday morning. My friends from Ruacana are on the way so I am excited,” Mbwalala said sipping on his beer.
Permission to sell at the beach is granted by the municipality at a fee of N.dollars 57 per day.
The fitness certificate costs N.dollars 280 while the electricity costs N.dollars 1 000 and above, depending on the number of days a vendor chooses for operations.
Food stalls at Independence Beach is a regular end-of-year feature – with more than 10 stands selling fare to holidaymakers this time around.