Kalkrand residents frusturated over water restriction

28 Dec 2017 15:50pm
KALKRAND, 28 DEC (NAMPA) – Kalkrand residents are frustrated over the daily water rationing at the southern village by the Namibia Water Corporation (NamWater).
The rationing of water is due to unpaid water bills of N.dollars 3 million owed by the Kalkrand Village Council since 2015.
“We do not know where the problem is because there are no community meetings to inform residents why there is water restriction,” a fed-up and evidently upset Jeremiah van der Westhuizen told Nampa on Tuesday.
Confirming the limited water supply in a telephone interview Wednesday, the council’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Ruben Shitanga said NamWater suspended the full water supply in September 2017.
Since then, water only runs for four hours or less between 08h00 and 12h00 every day.
“The accumulated bill came as a result of paying NamWater half the amount of what was stipulated on the invoices over the past two years,” said Shitanga.
He explained that the council in November paid N.dollars 800 000 and will pay a further N.dollars 300 000 in the next few days before the year ends.
“We are trying to reduce the bill to an amount that is satisfactory for NamWater to supply water the normal way again. We hope by February 2018 the issue will be solved completely,” he said.
Shitanga noted that the council caters for over 2 500 residents of which the majority are pensioners and unemployed youth.
“Pensioners’ basic utility rates are different and they pay lower than the amount other residents are paying,” he said.
A 64-year-old pensioner, Joseph Shapalo suggested that the council sorts out its administration team, saying the mismanagement by the entrusted people are now affecting the residents.
“I pay N.dollars 300 to 400 from my pension money every month, yet the water runs for several hours only and as a result, our toilets are in a mess, which is really unhygienic,” said Shapalo.