Kalkrand police struggles in crime fight

28 Dec 2017 10:50am
KALKRAND, 28 DEC (NAMPA) – The Namibian Police at Kalkrand, a village situated between Rehoboth and Mariental in the Hardap Region, has been experiencing various challenges with the combating of crime in the area.
Speaking during an interview with Nampa on Wednesday, Kalkrand station commander, Warrant Officer Alion Haraseb said the station has some difficulty controlling and combating certain crimes that are rife in the area.
These crimes, according to Haraseb, include stock theft and general theft, assault, reckless and negligent driving and drug and alcohol abuse.
“It is hard to recover stolen livestock in this area, because most suspects have developed criminal connections with passing drivers on the B1 road who they sell the animals to,” Haraseb maintained.
He added that the B1 road is slowly becoming a hub for criminal activity, hence the police effort to hold occasional patrols some Thursdays and during weekends.
Haraseb also highlighted lack of community cooperation as one of the station’s biggest challenges.
He said people do not contribute to any police investigations nor collectively show up for meetings unless they are directly affected.
“This makes it difficult to bring suspects to justice as in most cases we have no witnesses or liaisons within the public, especially when it comes to drug dealing,” Haraseb complained.
He added that because there is no courtroom in Kalkrand, when an arrest is made, suspects only appear in court within 48 hours in Mariental, where the cases are often prolonged.
Asked about the number of reported crimes over Christmas, Haraseb told Nampa that although crime is usually high during this time, no major incidents occurred this year over the weekend before Christmas, apart from a single case of domestic violence.
The police officer appealed to the public, most specifically in Kalkrand, to abide by the law and to join crime prevention efforts in the area.