Five babies born at Otjiwarongo on Christmas

26 Dec 2017 10:30am
OTJIWARONGO, 26 DEC (NAMPA) - Five babies were born at Otjiwarongo in the Otjozondjupa Region on Christmas Day.
A nurse in the maternity ward of the Otjiwarongo State Hospital, Yolanda Geises on Tuesday told Nampa she assisted in four of the births between 09h50 and 19h30 on Monday.
She said a 38-year-old woman had her baby at home and was brought in to the hospital along with her baby girl for check-ups.
The five babies weighed between 2,79 and 3,31 kilogrammes (kg) at birth.
Geises said a healthy baby is expected to weigh at least 2,5kg at birth.
“In total three boys and two girls were born on Christmas Day,” she said.
The nurse described the condition of both the babies and their mothers as stable and normal.
One of the mothers, Peneyambeko Alfeus told this news agency she was happy to have delivered her baby girl on Christmas, a day celebrated by many as the birth of Jesus Christ.
“I don’t have words to express my happiness,” she said.
Maria Paulus, who also gave birth to a girl, said it was the will of God for her to deliver a healthy baby on Christmas.