Shoome laid to rest at Omuguluwombashe

24 Dec 2017 12:10pm
OMUGULUWOMBASHE, 24 DEC (NAMPA) – Hundreds of mourners gathered at the Omuguluwombashe national shrine in the Omusati Region for the burial of the late Major Isak Ashinkono Shoome on Saturday.
Shoome, a veteran of the liberation struggle, died naturally at his Okuvale village-based homestead in the Omusati Region’s Tsandi Constituency on 12 December.
He died at the age of 101.
Shoome received his military training in Omusati’s Otamanzi area, specialising in reconnaissance. He was one of the Swapo soldiers who shot the first bullets that marked the beginning of the liberation struggle in Omuguluwombashe on 26 August 1966.
He was captured by military forces of the then South African apartheid regime at Omadhiya gaana ya Tshoombe village in the Onesi Constituency on 09 September 1969 and transferred to Pretoria to serve his prison term.
Shoome was then returned to Namibia in 1972 after serving his prison term, but continued to support the Swapo fighters under the defunct People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN).
This led to further arrests on several occasions, with his final arrest in 1987. He was placed in the Osire detention camp near Otjiwarongo for six months.
Addressing the mourners on behalf of the government, Vice-President Dr Nickey Iyambo said one of the various ways in which Shoome assisted the PLAN combatants was by keeping their weapons and ammunitions safely hidden from the enemy.
Shoome played a vital role in identifying Omuguluwombashe as a fit assembly site for the Swapo fighters’ operational planning session under the late commander John Otto Nankudhu in 1966.
“Namibia has lost a brave and gallant son of the soil who selflessly dedicated and committed himself to the course of liberating our motherland from the claws of colonialism and the apartheid South African regime,” Iyambo said.
He added that Shoome illustrated the essence of true bravery, dedication and commitment towards liberating the country.
Some of the other veterans of the liberation struggle buried at Omuguluwombashe include Festus Kaapanda Kanangolo, Revered Junias Vaino Kaapanda, Joseph Uushona, Joseph Kuunamwene Hipangerwa and Lamek Iithete.