More than 3 600 Namibians diagnosed with cancer in 2017

22 Dec 2017 08:20am
WINDHOEK, 22 DEC (NAMPA) – More than 3 600 people were diagnosed with cancer in Namibia this year.
Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN) Chief Executive Officer, Rolf Hansen told Nampa in an interview Thursday at least 10 Namibians are diagnosed with cancer every day.
On average, between 3 000 and 3 200 Namibians are diagnosed per year, but this year the figure increased to between 3 600 and 3 700.
He said although there have been more cancer diagnoses this year, it does not necessarily have to be a negative thing as this also means more people are going for screening.
“Due to our increased campaigning, more people are coming for testing and screening and they are being diagnosed earlier and this is what we want to achieve,” he explained.
He added that when diagnosed earlier, cancer is easier to treat.
Hansen said this year alone, they screened about 10 000 people countrywide through their outreach campaign.
“Skin cancer is generally the most prevalent type of cancer in Namibia. However, when we look at the cancers killing our Namibian people, it is breast cancer and cervical cancer,” he said.
The CAN CEO said late diagnosis is however still a problem due to low awareness among the general public.
“People do not speak about cancer and do not go for screening and cancer testing, so they go to hospital too late and by the time cancer is detected, it’s at an advanced stage and difficult to cure,” he said.