Festivities picking up slowly at the coast

21 Dec 2017 15:50pm
WALVIS BAY, 21 DEC (NAMPA) - The festive season is picking up slowly at the coast this year, with much less people spotted on the beaches of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay than usual this time of the year.
Holidaymakers interviewed by Nampa on Thursday attributed this to the prevailing adverse economic conditions.
Usually, many people would have flocked to the coast by now to enjoy sunbathing, swimming, barbeques, off-road driving, quad biking and other activities.
Jan Smith from Windhoek, who was spotted swimming with his family at Long Beach, said the problem is a lack of money, with many people not getting their bonuses, which means they do not have much to spend on holiday.
“I know a lot of my friends who are not coming here because they do not have money. I am fortunate enough to have received my bonus,” Smith told this news agency.
He said most people rely on their annual bonuses to enjoy the festive season, while only a few save up for relaxation and entertainment during this time of year.
Paul Lombard from Oranjemund and his two daughters are also spending their holiday at the coast.
He was also of the opinion that more people will stay at home this year due to a lack of finances.
“People are really trying to cut costs this year, unlike last year when we had enough to spend. But I am grateful that we were able to be here early,” Lombard said.
The drop in holidaymakers is affecting small business owners who would normally cash in on the influx of people.
“This year is really bad, there have been very few people coming to buy from us since we started last week,” said Zimbabwean national William Katema, who was selling toys at Dolphin Park.
However, things should soon start to pick up as accommodation at places such as the Lagoon Chalets in Walvis Bay and Municipal Bungalows in Swakopmund are fully booked from next week onwards.