Ohadiwa yaKapombo gets modern toilets

16 Dec 2017 13:50pm
OHADIWA, 16 DEC (NAMPA) – Endola Constituency-based youth group, Society Life Change has constructed modern sanitation facilities in their constituency at Ohadiwa yaKapombo village in the Ohangwena Region with a grant of N.dollars 50 000 by the Development Bank of Namibia (DBN).
The bank’s chief executive officer, Martin Inkumbi on Friday officially handed over the newly-constructed sanitation facilities at the village in the presence of Ohangwena regional councillor for the Endola Constituency, Ferdinand Shifidi, and several members of the community.
Through the bank’s corporate social responsibility, Inkumbi said, the DBN financed the construction of toilets for eight homesteads, including that of the village headman, Samuel Fillipus Erastus.
The bank sponsored the toilets’ construction as part of community safety and health management efforts.
Inkumbi noted that the sanitation facilities will improve the living conditions of the villagers.
“A number of temporary jobs were created, do dig and line the pits, and construct,” Inkumbi told his audience, adding that it will require labour to maintain the facilities in the long term.
Coordinator of the project, Isaak Tooleni said inadequate sanitation facilities at the village prompted members of his group to construct the toilets.
Their main goal, he said, is to make sure that all young people in Endola, particularly in Ohadiwa village, have good quality of life and an acceptable standard of living.
The youth group earlier this year wrote to DBN requesting financial assistance in order to build the toilets at their village and the bank agreed to fund the project.
Construction of the toilets was completed on 08 December, and the toilets are to benefit 56 people in eight households, said Tooleni.
Shifidi applauded Tooleni’s group and the DBN, saying they came up with a good initiative aimed at creating jobs and ensuring hygiene in the community.
“Sanitation is a cornerstone of hygiene in any society,” he cited, while describing DBN as a patriotic corporate citizen.
Lonia Kapombo, one of the beneficiaries, said hygiene was not a priority to the community of Ohadiwa before they were provided with modern sanitation facilities.
“Our using of the bushes to relieve ourselves has become something of the past,” Kapombo said.
Society Life Change was formed in 2014 when it started its activities with training some of its members on how to start and improve their own businesses.
This was done with a grant of N.dollars 5 000 from NamWater.