Mass memorial for car accident victims held on Okahandja-Karibieb road

14 Dec 2017 21:00pm
OKAHANDJA, 14 DEC (NAMPA) - A mass memorial service was held Thursday for the 10 people who died in a car crash on the Okahandja-Karibib road on 04 December.
Over 350 mourners gathered next to the road where the accident happened, some 20 kilometres from Okahandja, to remember and celebrate the lives of the people who died on the spot after the vehicles they were travelling in collided head-on and burst into flames.
Speaking at the memorial, Minister of Works and Transport Alpheus !Naruseb said people must jointly take positive lessons from the loss of loved ones so that where possible, they should prevent road accidents.
“It can be prevented but what are we doing to prevent it? Should we every time, with broken hearts, gather at events like this and talk about the same thing only to go back and experience the same thing again?” !Naruseb asked.
He appealed to members of the public to change their attitude and to not feel comfortable or accustomed to the “state of affairs” of the high number of road accidents.
The minister said there is an urgent need for tolerance among road users, noting that recent accidents suggest that people are impatient and intolerant of each other.
!Naruseb also urged parents to talk to their children on the impact of reckless driving.
“My appeal to you all today is, let us show some degree of leadership, let’s talk and advise one another.”
The mass memorial service was organised by the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund, Ministry of Works and Transport, and the National Road Safety Council and was also attended by relatives of four people who died on 02 December in a car accident on the untarred road linking Walvis Bay and Swakopmund via Dune 7.
The funeral arrangements for the 10 victims have been postponed due to prolonged DNA forensic analysis, which could take about two or three months to complete.