War veterans urged to register with NNLVA

14 Dec 2017 15:40pm
WINDHOEK, 12 DEC (NAMPA) – All unregistered war veterans of the Namibian liberation struggle are encouraged to register with the Namibia National Liberation Veterans Association (NNLVA) in order to rightfully benefit from the various projects for veterans.
The NNLVA, which was formed in 2009, aims to represent the interests of war veterans and improve their socio-economic wellbeing through income generating projects.
Speaking at the official handing over of office here on Thursdays, new NNLVA President Ben Shikongo said that fewer than 4 000 veterans are currently registered with the association, while there are more than 30 000 veterans registered with the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs.
Shikongo, who was elected during the NNLVA congress in Otjiwarongo in October, emphasised that it is imperative for all war veterans to be registered with both the ministry and the association as the two operate hand in hand.
“All unregistered veterans must immediately get registered in order for the association to be responsible for veterans’ well-being and necessities,” Shikongo reiterated.
As part of its five-year strategic plan, NNLVA pledged to promote gender equality within the association by placing men and women in positions on equal footing.
Shikongo further expressed concern over the mushrooming of veterans’ organisations in the country, and encouraged all those with veteran status to shy away from these organisations.