Etunda PS to be handed over to MEAC next year

11 Dec 2017 08:30am
ETUNDA, 10 DEC (NAMPA) – The Etunda Primary School (PS) currently under construction at a farm belonging to Founding President, Sam Nujoma, in the Otjozondjupa Region, will be handed over to the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (MEAC) upon its completion early next year.
This was said by Nujoma here recently, who added that if any delays occur on the project that is earmarked for completion next month, then the next expected completion date would be March next year. Nujoma was speaking at the site where close to 50 workers were busy building the school.
“Once completed the school is expected to be handed over to the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture,” Nujoma said.
The Founding President said he does not have the time to run a school as he is aging and wants rather to dedicate the rest of his retirement on developing the farm.
Thus, he said, MEAC will then be the custodians of the school.
Nujoma, 88, donated a portion of land on his farm for the construction of the PS that is expected to accommodate learners from grades 1-7.
The school will largely educate children of farm labourers in the area around farm Etunda, which is situated some 30 kilometres south of Otavi.
Nujoma said in future, he would like for the school to cater to high school grades (8 to 12) as well.
During his 87th birthday on 12 May last year, several business people pledged donations amounting to nearly N.dollars 1.4 million to be used to complete the construction of the facilities.
The facilities include girls and boys hostels with toilets and laundry rooms.
The building also has two units of houses for teachers, while space will be left to be used for soccer and netball fields respectively.
Meanwhile, a clinic on the farm was already completed and handed over to the Ministry of Health and Social Services earlier this year.
So far, two babies, a boy and a girl were delivered there.
Nujoma said he is grateful his family has been able to contribute to this achievement.
The clinic at the farm provides primary health care services to the general public and attends to victims of accidents on the B1 road between Otavi and Otjiwarongo.
Two nurses have been deployed to the clinic and are accommodated in flats just behind the health facility.