Nine EzyStoves handed over to households in the North

12 Nov 2013 07:00am
ONDANGWA, 12 NOV (NAMPA) – Ondangwa-based non-governmental organisation (NGO), Creative Entrepreneur Solutions (CES) on Friday handed over nine EzyStoves to vulnerable inhabitants of Ondangwa, Ongwediva and Oshakati.
CES manufactures the stoves, which are intended to benefit vulnerable households in all regions of Namibia.
EzyStoves are described as economic as they use little wood, which also results in a 60 per cent reduction in toxic emissions.
It is believed that by using an EzyStove, lives can also be saved as this method eliminates the possibility of smoke inhalation or severe burns from cooking over an open fire.
The spokesperson of the Ondangwa Town Council, Luke Salomo said the Pupkewitz Foundation and the Environment Investment Fund of Namibia are financially supporting the EzyStove production.
“We are looking forward to securing start-up capital in order to embark on scaling the EzyStoves project up and creating 300 jobs nationwide,” said Tuhafeni Nghilunanye, CES's manager for the EzyStoves project.
In a statement read on his behalf during the handing over of the stoves by his special advisor Michael Mwinga, Oshana regional governor Clemens Kashuupulwa noted that the use of an EzyStove contributes immensely to the reduction of deforestation which has a negative impact on the climate.
“I commend the Pupkewitz Foundation for realising the need to help the vulnerable households for them to be able to prepare food for their families using the EzyStove,” Kashuupulwa stated.
An EzyStove has a lifespan of five years.