Two museums to be built at Omuthiya and Katima

28 Nov 2017 07:10am
WINDHOEK, 27 NOV (NAMPA) – The Museums Association of Namibia (MAN) launched a ‘Museum Development as a tool for strengthening cultural rights in Namibia’ project here on Monday.
The project aims to create two new permanent museums and two new mobile exhibitions that will help to celebrate and promote culture.
Speaking at the launch, MAN’s Director, Jeremy Silvester said MAN dreams that Namibian museums will be spaces of encounter, where visitors will meet curators, musicians, dancers and storytellers and that these encounters will encourage each and every Namibian to be proud of their heritage.
“They should also feel proud of their cultural identity and respect and celebrate the nation’s rich cultural diversity and environmental resources,” he said.
“We dream that our museums will be recognised as important educational resources and will be able to improve their educational materials so that they can fulfil this mandate more effectively,” Silvester added.
He further said that the two envisaged museums will be the first in Namibia to celebrate, document and educate visitors about Namibia’s musical heritage.
The museums will be built in Omuthiya and in Katima Mulilo and will be officially open by 2019.
In the speech delivered on her behalf, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (MoEAC), Sanet Steenkamp said Namibian music has its roots in cultural diversity and the museums can reflect both traditional and contemporary music.
She further added that the country has a dynamic and creative music industry.
“The ministry and MAN both believe that our identity as a nation rests on the recognition that our cultural diversity is a strength, not a weakness,” she said.
The European Union will provide Euros 237 025 (approximately N.dollars 3.7 million) over a two-year period to upkeep the activities carried out by MAN in order to support regional museum development.
The project is a collaboration between MAN and MoEAC.