NNOC announces scholarships for 16 athletes

22 Nov 2017 19:00pm
WINDHOEK, 22 NOV (NAMPA) - The Namibian National Olympic Committee (NNOC) on Wednesday announced 16 athletes who will benefit from scholarships to prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and 2018 Youth Olympic Games.
The scholarships are awarded by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) through its Olympic Solidarity programme.
The 16 athletes participate in athletics, boxing, rowing, triathlon, cycling, archery, equestrian, gymnastics, swimming and wrestling.
Each athlete will receive U$ 715 (about N.dollars 9 9338) per month towards preparation for Tokyo 2020 and the youngsters who qualify for the Youth Olympics will be granted an additional U$ 5 500 (approximately N.dollars 76 408) lump sum.
The scholarships cover access to appropriate training facilities, a coach specialised in the relevant sporting discipline, regular medical and scientific assistance, accident and illness insurance, board and lodging costs, pocket money, and limited travel costs for athletes to participate in relevant Olympic qualification competitions.
Speaking during a media conference here on Wednesday, NNOC President Abner Xoagub said his office will closely monitor the progress and results of every athlete on a regular basis and reassess the athletes’ suitability for the programme.
“As per the requirements set out by Olympic Solidarity, the NNOC is obliged to submit quarterly evaluation reports, providing a true account of the athletes’ progress and their chances of qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Games,” he said.
The athletes earmarked for the 2020 Tokyo Games are Maike Helga Diekman (rowing), Jonas Junias, Nestori Thomas, Tryagain Ndevelo and Mathias Hamunyela (all boxing), Tristan de Lange (cycling) and Jean-Paul Burger (triathlon).
Those selected for the Youth Olympics scheduled for Buenos Aires, Argentina next October are Adrian Brobler (archery), Sade de Sousa and Ivan Geldenhuys ( both athletics), Alexander Miller (cycling), Nadine Fleming (equestrian), Lance Potgieter (gymnastics), Heleni Stergiado and Ronan Wantenaar (both swimming) and Hafeni Asino Festus (wrestling).