We can finally go home: Zimbabwean nationals in Namibia

21 Nov 2017 23:50pm
WINDHOEK, 21 NOV (NAMPA) – “Finally we can go back home, 37 years of 'dictatorship' is not a joke and we have suffered a lot due to that long serving president.”
These were some of the reactions from some of the Zimbabweans living in Namibia, after news of President Robert Mugabe’s resignation broke on Tuesday afternoon.
Nampa spoke to a number of Zimbabwean nationals who were in a celebratory mood at Katutura’s Soweto Market shortly after the news was made public and established that most of them shared the same sentiments.
“I am here because I had to run away from home to come and look for greener pastures here, I am therefore very grateful for this news and can even go back home now,' said one of the nationals, who preferred not to be named.
Some of the national, most of them whom make a living on selling vegetables on the street, revealed that they fled their country due to the unpleasant living conditions there, however with the new developments, they are hoping for better change.
Enerst Mutero told Nampa that there is actually more to what they are celebrating and not just his resignation.
“We are not necessarily celebrating his (Mugabe’s) stepping down, we are also rejoicing amicable, peaceful transition of power, and because it could have been worse, it could even have been war,” Mutero noted.
Another Zimbabwean, Victor Masarirambi is hoping for enough jobs for the youth back home but still noted that he will continue respecting Mugabe as an iconic founding father.
Mugabe’s resignation follows pressure from that country’s army which took over the government last week, vowing to rid the government of “criminals”.
According to international news reports, Mugabe resigned in a letter to the Zimbabwean Speaker of Parliament.
Mugabe, a 93-year-old guerilla, has led Zimbabwe since independence in 1980.
The ruling Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front party appointed currently exiled Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa as its interim president last week. Mnangagwa was fired by Mugabe earlier this month.