Kauandenge accuses PDM of stealing name

19 Nov 2017 14:30pm
WINDHOEK, 19 NOV (NAMPA) – National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) presidential spokesperson, Joseph Kauandenge has accused the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), formerly known as DTA of Namibia, of stealing his party’s name.
In a media statement issued on Saturday, Kauandenge said the party was busy consulting with lawyers and would approach the highest court to prevent the PDM from using its new name.
Before forming a coalition with Nudo ahead of the presidential and National Assembly elections in 2014, Kauandenge was the president of the People’s Democratic Movement, also known as the PDM.
Kauandenge said Nudo was not impressed with the PDM, as the name change was not done with due diligence for the official opposition party to realise that the abbreviation was already used by another party.
“This action from DTA can be best described as intellectual property theft of the highest order and we will not sit idle and watch this being carried out under our very own noses,” he stated.
He further distanced himself and the members of the People’s Democratic Movement who joined Nudo in 2014, from the new PDM, adding that they did not have any links with one another.
“We remain members of Nudo as we have been for the past three years and have not joined or given DTA the right to use our name,” he said.
When approached for comment by Nampa on Sunday, PDM Member of Parliament, Elma Dienda dismissed Kauandenge’s statements.
She said her party would only entertain such allegations if Kauandenge can provide proof that his party was registered with the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN).
“We are waiting for a certificate that shows when the party was registered with the ECN, then we can talk,” she said.