Namdeb Foundation invests in education

November 11, 2013, 3:24pm

Having invested approximately N$75m in social investment programmes, of which an estimated N$4m went to the education sector in 2012, the Namdeb Foundation has just invested in this year’s SpelQuizBee competitions.
Established in 2010, the foundation mainly contributes to sustainable socio-economic development in Namibia. It operates from two offices; one in Windhoek and the other in Oranjemund. Currently, it supports three main focus areas including education, national heritage and tourism, as well as business development and a category of general or other.
Under this foundation, a significant amount of funds is also annually invested in education on various levels. With regards to the focus areas, 63% (N$1 226 639) of the corporate social investment spent for 2013 has gone to the education sector across the country, to date.
This marks the third consecutive year that Namdeb is involved and sponsors schools from the Southern Zone to compete in the SpelQuizBee competitions.
Three years ago when Namdeb partnered with SpelQuizBee for the Southern Region, 11 schools competed, 77 learner’s participated and eight learners made it to the finals. Frans Kamati from Karas High School won the first prize for junior spelling that year.
In 2012, 20 schools competed, 253 learners participated and a total of 10 learners made it to the finals. This year, the Southern Zone has 30 schools and 240 learners who are still competing for the finals.
“For the first time since SpelQuizBee started, we have three private schools from the Southern Zone, participating including our own Oranjemund Private School who will now compete for the regional finals,” says the Namdeb Foundation development officer, Hendrina Januarie.
Januarie also says it is pleasing and interesting to hear how knowledgeable the learners are in the current affairs of the country.
“The Namdeb Foundation would like to encourage all the learners to use this opportunity to participate in this competition, as it will contribute to their success as the future leaders of our country.”
According to Januarie, there is more than just winning the regional SpelQuizBee competitions, as the winners from the regional finals also get the opportunity to travel to Windhoek and partake in site visits. Thus, had they not had the opportunity to visit Windhoek before, they now have a reason to, through SpelQuizBee.
The development officer also thanks the organisers of this significant initiative (SpelQuizBee) that promotes the English language capabilities and general knowledge of learners across the country. Special thanks goes to the school principals, teachers and parents for their input in preparing the learners for the competitions.
“It goes without saying without your assistance, SpelQuizBee would not be as successful as it is today. Thank you,” she concludes.