Elephants damage water infrastructure at Kamupupu

17 Nov 2017 15:10pm
RUNDU, 17 NOV (NAMPA) – Close to 100 elephants are believed to have destroyed a community water tap at Kamupupu village in the Kavango West Region last Saturday.
The elephants allegedly returned to the same area on Monday and pushed down a water tank, according to Councillor of the Tondoro Constituency, Joseph Sivaku.
“As we are speaking, the Kamupupu Junior Primary School does not have water as well as the 1 500 people who live in this area,” Sivaku told Nampa on Wednesday.
The community, he explained, now have to walk a distance of 15 kilometres south to Chara village or 15 kilometres north to Mbome village in order to access water.
The councillor called on the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) to set up a fund on an annual basis that would help affected communities with the facilitation of transporting water from the Okavango River or closer areas to those communities.
“This is a life threatening story caused by our wildlife. People must understand me very well. I do not hate wildlife, but I would like the ministry to have plans,” the councillor stressed, adding that the affected community has been without water for close to four days.
The concerned councillor said the elephants could return and damage the infrastructure that is not properly fenced off.
The ministry, Sivaku said, taught them about techniques they can use to keep the elephants away such as applying chilli bombs and digging trenches.
However, in this situation, he added, neither of the two techniques would work.
The MET, he said, has been to the area to analyse and assess the damage caused by the elephants.
Efforts to reach officials of the MET proved fruitless.