Kalkfeld Shack Dwellers to build 95 houses

14 Nov 2017 20:00pm
KALKFELD, 14 NOV (NAMPA) – Members of the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN) at Kalkfeld on Tuesday officially launched the servicing of land it acquired from the Otjozondjupa Regional Council.
Kalkfeld is a settlement situated approximately 70 kilometres south of Otjiwarongo.
Otjiwarongo Constituency Councillor, Julius Neumbo officially launched the land servicing exercise, which started two weeks ago at the settlement.
He said a total of 95 houses for 95 members of the federation are expected to be constructed on the five hectare portion of land.
The federation in 2016 successfully acquired the unserviced land for free from the regional council, Neumbo said.
“I therefore urge everyone, young and old, to become a member of the federation for us to change the face of this settlement by constructing affordable and decent houses for everyone,” he said.
He also called on the Otjiwarongo Municipality and corporate companies in the region to donate machinery like excavators to assist the federation in digging trenches for sewer and clean drinking water pipes.
The councillor said the hand labour force is very slow in digging trenches.
He promised to write letters to the Otjiwarongo Municipality, Otjikoto B2Gold Mine and Ohorongo Cement amongst others, to request assistance on behalf of the Kalkfeld federation.
Neumbo said the answer to the housing crisis in the country could be found in the Shack Dwellers’ activities.
“It does not discriminate on socio-economic or age differences, the only answer to the provision of decent and affordable houses is through the Shack Dwellers. Let us support this programme for our people in the country to build their own houses,” he said.
D&M Rail Construction site manager, Leon Steyn, who was present at the launch donated hats, food parcels, tinned beans and drinks valued at over N.dollars 7 000 to members of the federation.
Steyn said his company will continue to assist community members who are on a mission aimed at improving their lives, instead of waiting for Government handouts.
SDFN’s Otjozondjupa regional facilitator, Mariane Kasamane told Nampa activities such as mapping, land surveying and technical demarcation of plots on the piece of land, known as Ondundu-yo-vitenda, have already been completed.
Members are now busy digging trenches themselves for the sewage and water and after that, actual construction of the houses can start, she said.
Kasamane said members of the federation will buy building materials, manufacture bricks and use skilled builders among themselves to build their houses.
A total of 44 one-bedroom houses with a kitchen, lounge and toilet will be constructed in the first phase at a cost of less than N.dollars 38 000, she said, adding that the remaining 51 houses will be constructed in the second phase.
Federation members at Kalkfeld are required to contribute about N.dollars 350 towards the fund on an annual basis on top of the once off registration fee of N.dollars 3 500.