We will not shy away from our history: PDM

14 Nov 2017 18:00pm
RUNDU, 14 NOV (NAMPA) – Kavango West Regional Coordinator of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), Vilho Kangumbe said party members should remain calm and not panic over the name change of the party.
Early this month, former DTA of Namibia, the country’s official opposition party, was renamed to PDM.
Kangumbe, in an interview with Nampa recently, said although it will be difficult for some party members to get accustomed to the newly acquired name, they should just remain calm as everything happens with time.
He said PDM will remain the same party and it will not shy away from its history, but its mission is to move forward by making sure that democracy in Namibia remains alive.
Kangumbe further called on the party’s members to contact its offices in Rundu for more details regarding the change of name and other party-related information.
He added that although the party changed its name, it retained the colours of red, blue and white intact.
Meanwhile, PDM secretary general, Manuel Ngaringombe also told Nampa on Monday that the reason for the change of name was to make it fit in the current Namibia.
He said the former name, DTA, came about because of the alliance of different parties in 1978 after the Turnhalle Constitutional Conference, but since 1992, the party became a single party without any alliance.
Ngaringombe said PDM is a new movement in Namibia striving on strengthening democracy in the country.
“Our aim is to bring upon the checks and balances in our democracy to make sure that Namibia is ruled on the foundation of democracy,” he said, adding that their members should remain calm and remember that PDM is still their party, despite the name change.