More hippos die in Bwabwata National Park

14 Nov 2017 17:20pm
RUNDU, 14 NOV (NAMPA) – Hippos continue to die in the Bwabwata National Park Core Area more than a month after an anthrax outbreak, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) has said.
The ministry’s Public Relations Officer, Romeo Muyunda told Nampa on Tuesday that new dead hippos are being discovered on the opposite side of the main channel of the river.
He said an average of two carcasses of hippos are being discovered every day on the side of the island and not the main channel of the river where the majority of the earlier hippo deaths occurred.
“There are a few that are still dying, but not in the main channel of the river, [it is in] the area where it is difficult for the ministry officials to reach,” explained Muyunda.
He further explained that the reason why the animals are still dying is because the carcasses that are on the side of the island are still there and have not been disposed of yet, causing the bacteria to spread.
Muyunda said efforts have been made to approach the Ministry of Defence to assist them with the disposing of the dead animals.
“The defence ministry will provide its personnel and heavy duty helicopters when all the logistics are in place,” he said.
By Sunday, about 142 hippopotami and 20 buffalo carcasses had been removed.
Late last month when MET Minister, Pohamba Shifeta visited the area, a total of 131 hippo and eight buffalo remains were destroyed.
Though the latest discoveries confirm that more animals are dying from anthrax, Muyunda maintained that the park is still safe for visitors as the main stream channel has been cleared of the bacteria.