Guard against dictatorship: Iivula-Ithana

13 Nov 2017 19:30pm
WALVIS BAY, 13 NOV (NAMPA) – One of the Team Swapo candidates vying for the vice-presidency position, Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana called on delegates to the Swapo Party’s congress later this month to guard against dictatorship.
Delivering a campaign speech alongside other Team Swapo candidates at a rally in Walvis Bay on Sunday, she told congress delegates to vote for leaders who will not dictate the nation.
The elective congress is slated for 23 to 26 November in Windhoek.
Iivula-Ithana took a swipe at the current Swapo leadership, saying they make decisions without consulting the rest of the party members.
This, according to her, is dictatorship and the hunger for absolute power.
Iivula-Ithana alleged that a member of the opposition party was brought into Swapo through the back door, an action which, she said, angered many of them.
She said the person who was brought into Swapo recently was an enemy of the party who cannot be trusted, because he allegedly delayed independence and cost the party many lives.
“If they can bring in people just like that, especially who were enemies, imagine what they can do if you give them power. Please vote them out so that we avoid dictatorship.”
Iivula-Ithana warned the nation to watch out for leaders who are in power to just enrich themselves and those close to them.
She said this is the time for the delegates and nation to be awake and make the right decisions, especially with who will lead Swapo because it is the roots of Government.
The vice-president candidate said she should be voted for as she has been in Swapo for a long time and understands its constitution.
She added that as an elder, she wants to leave the party in a good place for the young people to continue the legacy.
“If we destroy Swapo today, what will happen to the future of our children?” she asked adding that Swapo is and has been the future.
Iivula-Ithana further outlined her credentials, stating she was the only female who participated in the drafting of the party’s constitution.
“I also led this organisation at a very critical moment when the Rally for Democracy and Progress wanted to take our members [and] we managed to defeat them.”
The second Team Swapo vice-president candidate, Helmut Angula said the aim is to return the transparent Swapo which works in the interest of all.
“We do not only want to talk about politics, but the bread and butter issues. We have people being retrenched, but the government does not do anything to stop it.”
Angula added that Team Swapo was elected by the Central Committee, stating that it is not a tribal group.
“They claim we are tribalists because we have more candidates from one tribe; this is not true. The candidates were chosen based on their capabilities.”
More than 500 people, including Swapo members from the Hardap Region, attended the rally.