PDM launches in Opuwo

13 Nov 2017 18:50pm
OPUWO, 13 NOV (NAMPA) – The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) held a launch in Opuwo on Friday after completing its rebranding and renaming exercise in Windhoek on 04 November 2017.
In his speech delivered at the gathering on Friday, PDM vice president Kazeongere Tjeundo stated the aim of the event was to celebrate, introduce and share the party’s new name with its members in Kunene North.
“Our party has rebranded to transform the political culture in Namibia,” said Tjeundo, explaining that this is not the first transformation in Namibia, because Namibia was once known as South West Africa before independence and was also renamed and rebranded.
“Popular Democratic Movement is a business, hence we need to attract new clients who might not necessarily have bought our brand,” noted Tjeundo.
Furthermore, Tjeundo added that the party will move to be the alternative movement in Namibian politics and will continue fighting to have lasting solutions on issues such as unemployment, poor health, sanitation, rural electrification, corruption, upgrading the level of education in rural areas and the economic status in Namibia.
Tjeundo said the party will simply push for inclusion of all Namibians into mainstream economic development and push back the frontier of poverty, while also recruiting new members at regional and national levels.
He urged men and women who want to join the party to register for membership, while adding that the ruling Swapo Party would not change the current state of the country today, tomorrow or in the future.