Entrepreneur opens health clinic at Walvis Bay

11 Nov 2017 12:30pm
WALVIS BAY, 11 NOV (NAMPA) - A local Walvis Bay entrepreneur who has been running an ambulance service for 13 years, opened a health clinic here on Friday.
Founding President Sam Shafiishuna Nujoma inaugurated the St Raphael Health Recovery Clinic owned by Gabriela Teleman.
Teleman is operating the St Gabriel Community Ambulance Trust at the coastal towns of Walvis Bay, Henties Bay, Swakopmund and further inland at Arandis.
The clinic, situated next to the Dune Mall, provides health services for conditions best managed under supervision such as uncontrolled diabetes, acute mental health deterioration, and drug and alcohol addiction.
It has 12 beds and 13 nurses.
Nujoma congratulated the entrepreneur and sponsors for giving back to the community by establishing a clinic which will provide quality health services.
Sponsors are Erongo RED, Areva Namibia, Lions International, Marine Services, and Custom Solution Developers.
He said there has been major efforts from Government to produce a workforce which can respond to the needs of a health system, and this has been consolidated with effective participation from the private sector and non-governmental organisations.
“I am really proud that as a team you have proven that once determination is there and the will to achieve is embedded in the soul, everything is possible. As I always say, ‘a people united, striving for the common good for all members of society will always emerge victorious’,” said Namibia’s first president.
On her part, Teleman said her motivation is derived from Nujoma’s will to help everyone regardless of who they are.
She said even if this is business, her clinic will try to accommodate everyone, even those who might not have the money to pay for services immediately.
Teleman narrated her first encounter with Nujoma, saying he approached her ambulance team while they were attending to patients at an accident scene in Terrace Bay some years ago when he was still president.
She said Nujoma was very humble, welcoming and helpful to patients and her team, something which continue to motivate her.
“I do not ask what my country can give me, I ask myself what we can do for our country,” she stated.