Khomas principals want conducive school environment

07 Nov 2017 11:30am
WINDHOEK, 07 NOV (NAMPA) – Primary and secondary school principals from the Khomas Region, who recently met in Windhoek, have identified several issues which they say affect the delivery of quality education.
In a report made available to Nampa on Monday, Windhoek Primary Schools Headteachers Association Chairperson Robert Dishena said principals have rededicated themselves to honour their stewardship role of shaping a common vision of academic success for their learners.
He said this can only be achieved through principals creating a conducive environment and cultivating leadership in their teachers and support staff.
Dishena is also the chairperson of the committee that organised the conference.
The conference recognised that some schools choose to admit only learners who have a better chance of excelling academically than less privileged ones. However, the principals condemned exclusive education and made a call for inclusivity irrespective of challenges related to their differences.
It further condemns teachers who are allegedly used by drug merchants to sell drugs on school premises.
“This is recorded as a grave concern, therefore principals should work with law enforcement authorities to identify teachers and parents who entice learners to use drugs and alcohol at their homes and on school premises,” said Dishena.
The conference also called on the Khomas Education Directorate to ensure that all schools in the region are equipped with information and communication technology (ICT) tools. All teachers should furthermore be trained in the use of computers and other technology equipment to help them improve on the delivery of education through ICT.
“We equally call for the revamping of the education ICT policy to be in line with the aspirations of Vision 2030.”
Dishena said the conference discouraged the notion that vocational training education should only be for learners who struggle in the formal education system. The gathering called on the ministries of higher and basic education to devise a mechanism to popularise the importance of vocational education as a key driver for entrepreneurship, job creation and economic growth.
The conference was held on 26 and 27 October under the theme ‘Gearing up for a better future through education’.
More than 100 principals of primary and secondary schools in the Khomas Region were in attendance.