Shiimi to speak on the Untapped potential of the Kavango Regions.

06 Nov 2017 15:10pm
RUNDU, 06 NOV (NAMPA) – Bank of Namibia (BoN) Governor Ipumbu Shiimi is expected to deliver a lecture on the two Kavango regions’ agricultural potential at Rundu on Monday.
The lecture, titled ‘Attaining the vision of a breadbasket: the untapped potential of the Kavango regions’, is scheduled to start at 18h00 at the University of Namibia’s (UNAM) Rundu Campus, Head of Research at UNAM, Dr Gurvy Kavei said in a statement issued here.
“It is often said the Kavango regions have the potential to be the breadbasket of Namibia. Despite this agricultural potential, the regions derive most of their income from other livelihood activities,” he said, explaining that income derived from agriculture stands at a mere 13 per cent.
He said the Kavango regions are strategically located in terms of trade, tourism and access to the Kavango River and its associated resources.
The location, he added, provides access to large areas of northern Namibia, south eastern Angola and access to Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.
“It is important to reflect on how the challenges of poor soil, variable climate, distance from markets, land tenure systems and lack of access to finance can be overcome to realise the untapped potential of the regions,” he stressed.
Kavei said the public lecture will provide a platform to focus on these issues and provide the answers that inform policy debate and ultimately transform the agricultural sector in the Kavango regions.