From DTA to PDM

05 Nov 2017 10:30am
WINDHOEK, 05 NOV (NAMPA) – The DTA of Namibia, the official opposition party, has been rebranded and renamed the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM).
The party’s rebranded image was unveiled in Windhoek Saturday night.
Speaking at the unveiling, which coincided with the 40th anniversary of the DTA, party president McHenry Venaani explained that the PDM is just a culmination of a greater transformation project.
The transformation was needed not only in the party, but for the industrialisation of Namibia so as to push back the frontiers of poverty, he said.
Explaining the new name, Venaani said ‘Popular’ means something for the people by the people, while ‘Democratic’ means the party has fought for and is amongst the founders of Namibian democracy. Movement means the party and the Namibian people are constantly evolving, alive and not static, he said.
“We must win the future and not just rebrand and adopt a new name. We must change the way we do things. We will change the way people relate to politics and politicians in this country,” Venaani added.
He said the movement will serve as a transmitting belt for the hopes and aspirations of the Namibian people.
The PDM president stated that Namibian youth inclusion and involvement is at the cornerstone of the movement’s developmental agenda.
He said in winning the future, the movement will introduce a youth enterprise Capital Fund that will identify and champion businesses by providing mentorship, training and collateral-free loans to innovative youth starts-ups.
He made it clear that the movement believes in the resolve and talent of young Namibians.
“It is cardinal that Namibia immediately undertakes a national skills mapping exercise in order to assess gaps between available skills and the skills required by the job market.”
Venaani said institutions of higher learning cannot operate in isolation and must be guided by national developmental needs and the needs of the job market when designing diploma and degree programmes.
“Then we’ll be able to identify and impart specific skills to young people that will promptly be absorbed by the job market; lifting the cloud of youth unemployment which hangs over this nation,” the PDM leader said.