Dordabis community wants high school

02 Nov 2017 20:20pm
By Uerikoha Tjijombo
WINDHOEK, 02 NOV (NAMPA) – The community of Dordabis is requesting the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture to open up a secondary school at Dordabis.
In an interview with Nampa on Wednesday, Markus Awa-Eiseb, a member of the Village Development Committee (VDC) complained about how the absence of a secondary school in Dordabis negatively affects the community.
Awa-Eiseb told this agency that after learners finish Grade 7, they have nowhere to go to further their education as most parents are farm workers who can’t afford to send them to schools outside Dordabis.
The village is situated 80 kilometres east of Windhoek.
“Our children finish primary school and become farm workers because there is no opportunity for them to further their education,” a concerned Awa-Eiseb said.
Awa-Eiseb, who was the representative of the community during the commemoration of the Poverty Eradication day held at the village on Wednesday, explained the absence of a secondary school contributes to poverty creation.
Isak Katjito, a teacher at the Dordabis Primary School, also cemented Awa-Eiseb’s concerns, saying learners are going nowhere after completing Grade 7, except to turn into “cattle thieves and drunkards” as there are no other opportunities.
“As a teacher I should admit that I feel very bad seeing the learners I have taught sitting at bars or being in jail for having committed a crime just because there are no other opportunities after primary school,” Katjito said.
Councillor for the Windhoek Rural Constituency, Penina Iita told Nampa on Thursday that the concern was registered with her office and was forwarded to the relevant ministry for approval.
She told Nampa the suggestion was approved by the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, but that a suitable piece of land where the school can be built still needs to be sourced.