MET to seek Defence Ministry's assistance with hippo carcass disposal

27 Oct 2017 12:10pm
BWABWATA, 27 OCT (NAMPA) – The Ministry of Environment and Tourism plans to ask the Ministry of Defence for assistance in disposing of the hippo carcasses at the Bwabwata National Park.
Minister of Environment and Tourism Pohamba Shifeta told members of the media during a familiarisation trip to Bwabwata on Wednesday fresh carcasses are still being discovered after the anthrax outbreak early this month and they will try to get assistance from the Defence Ministry with the removal of these carcasses.
So far, 131 hippo and eight buffalo carcasses have been destroyed and disposed of.
“Fresh carcasses are still being discovered but not like before when we had mass mortality,” said Shifeta, adding that he is hopeful that there will not be more deaths in the coming weeks.
The minister said they are struggling to reach the carcasses of some of the animals with the equipment they have, hence the decision to approach the Defence Ministry to provide helicopters to remove the carcasses from areas that are not accessible by foot or vehicle.
“Once we get that, we will be able to reach the carcasses on the other side of the ponds and dispose of them,” said Shifeta.
He also gave his assurance that visitors to the park are safe, saying the contaminated area is under strict control to ensure that it is not accessible to visitors.
The north-western part of the park is also safe to visit since it was not contaminated and no deaths were recorded there.