NCCS Pro Cycling needs funds for Telkom challenge in SA

27 Oct 2017 10:10am
WINDHOEK, 27 OCT (NAMPA) – The NCCS Pro Cycling team needs N.dollars 50 000 to compete in the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge in Johannesburg, South Africa on 19 November 2017.
The 94.7 kilometre race is the world's second-largest timed cycle race after the Cape Argus Cycle Race.
Jacob Kiyola, NCCS Pro Cycling’s principal and communications manager, said competing in the race will help their riders gain the much needed experience of international competitions.
“This year our first international tour was in Swaziland where we finished third and with the experience gained there, we want to see how well we can compete with the best teams in South Africa at the 947 cycle challenge,” Kiyola told Nampa on Thursday.
He said the team is growing and with more help they will achieve their goal of being a top locally owned cycling team.
Echoing Kiyola’s sentiments was NCCS Pro Cycling co-owner and manager, Ebben-Ezer Iita who stated that their aim is to build a strong team that will in future represent the country at international competitions.
He added that the riders have prepared well for the 947 Cycle Challenge, but their dream of competing there is in jeopardy because of a lack of funds.
“We want to fly the team to South Africa for the competition because driving will be too long and cost more. We also want our riders to arrive in South Africa early and be well rested for the race,” said Iita.
He said this year they competed well at other cycling events and the riders are growing in confidence at every event.
Their aim is to finish in the top 10.
“We have a good team of six riders who we believe can do a good job to at least have three riders finishing in the top 10,” said Kiyola.
In October this year, the NCCS Pro Cycling team finished third at the MTN Khemani Road Classic in Swaziland and last week Lotto Petrus, their top rider, won the Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Challenge in Windhoek.