Telecom Namibia invest N$4.4 billion in ICT since 1992

26 Oct 2017 13:20pm
WINDHOEK, 26 OCT (NAMPA) - Telecom Namibia has invested N.dollars 4.4 billion in information and communication technology (ICT) development infrastructure since its inception in 1992.
This was announced by Board Chairperson, Johny Smith at Telecom Namibia’s 25th anniversary celebrations here on Wednesday.
The company’s turnover grew from N.dollars 140 million to N.dollars 1.5 billion per annum over the same period.
Smith said the new board started the year with difficulties as Telecom Namibia has been in a negative financial position for the past five years.
“From day one we did however believe that our future lies in the access and provision of ICT infrastructure to support growth and development of the Namibian community,” he said.
Smith said with better and full access of ICT services to all Namibians, Telecom Namibia can create more value and enhance the living conditions of everyone in the country which will enable the company to lead the country into the digital age.
The chairperson said some of the strategic areas Telecom Namibia has to improve on include getting closer to its customers and providing access to bigger, better, faster and cheaper ICT services.
Other areas include creating more value for locals and the regional economy and innovative thinking.