NUNW, Swapo meet on Nevonga CC meeting exclusion

24 Oct 2017 19:20pm
WINDHOEK, 24 OCT (NAMPA) – The National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) has called on its affiliates and members to be patient while it attempts to solve the impasse with the Swapo party.
The union has raised issue with the ruling party, to which it is affiliated, over the exclusion of its representative from its Central Committee (CC) meeting earlier this month.
Peter Nevonga, who was representing NUNW at the Swapo Party’s CC meeting on 15 October was not allowed to participate in the deliberations.
The union’s list of delegates to the upcoming Swapo party elective congress in November was also disregarded.
The issue has since been placed under a moratorium, to allow the relevant structures to make their final pronouncement on it.
In a media statement on Tuesday, NUNW Secretary General (SG), Job Muniaro, said the union has engaged the Swapo party on the matter and was satisfied with progress made.
CC members of the ruling party, Erkki Nghimtina, Bernhardt Esau and Doreen Sioka represented Swapo during the deliberations, Muniaro said.
“NUNW is pleased to inform its members and the public that indeed SWAPO-party responded to its request to a committee it established to address concerns raised by NUNW,” Muniaro said.
He said the committee and the NUNW delegation met on 18 October and deliberated on the matter in good spirit.
“The committee undertook to report back to its appointing authority and to similarly revert to NUNW with feedback by Tuesday/Wednesday 24/25 October 2017 respectively,” he said.
Muniaro said the union body stands firm by its position that should the feedback not come as promised, the federation will be forced to report to its members for further appropriate action.
Meanwhile, the NUNW has distanced itself from statements made by its former president Ismael Kasuto, allegedly on a fraudulent letterhead of NUNW, and the alleged complete disregard of its constitution by Kasuto who was replaced by Nevonga as the union’s head in August this year.
The axed leader apparently continues to make statements in the media and calls meetings while conscious that he has been removed from NUNW presidency and the fact that all administrative matters are handled by the secretary general only.
“NUNW is equally aware and highly perturbed by malicious, acrimonious md disrespectful listing and publishing of names of its affiliate industrial unions leaders to safeguard Ismael Kasuto and his links,” the secretary general said.
Muniaro, therefore appealed to NUNW members and the public at large, not to be confused by the list or any communications by Kasuto, or to confuse such communications with legitimate decisions taken and communicated by NUNW.
“As an independent and autonomous body, NUNW reserves its right to defend itself and protect its interest within the confines of the law, and sounds a stern warning that the continuous misrepresentations of facts by Ismael Kasuto and his accessories before the fact shall be dealt with resolutely, at an opportune time,” the statement notes.