Kehemu and Kaisosi residents petition mayor for land

24 Oct 2017 15:50pm
RUNDU, 24 OCT (NAMPA) – About 100 placard-waving community members from the Kehemu and Kaisosi settlements here took to the streets on Tuesday to demonstrate against the slow response on the land issue by the Rundu Town Council (RTC).
The group marched from the Kaisosi “golf course” near the Kavango River to the RTC offices to deliver a petition to Rundu Mayor Verna Sinimbo, but she was not available to receive it.
Joseph Muronga, the chairperson of the group, in the petition read on his behalf said they had followed the necessary procedures but had been neglected and ignored by the RTC.
“We are going to take this matter into our own hands because there is no hope at all from you to solve the matter successfully,” said Muronga, referencing the group’s decision to erect temporary structures while they wait for permanent space from the RTC.
He added that they do not have land to live on and the rainy season is approaching, and it will create further adversity for their living conditions.
Receiving the petition on behalf of the mayor, RTC Acting Chief Executive Officer Mathew Naironga said he would relay the petition to the mayor to look at its contents and see how the matter can be addressed.
He thanked the demonstrators for allowing them to talk to each other peacefully.
At the end of July this year, over 100 people illegally demarcated land for themselves on the former golf course, citing a lack of living space.
The group claimed that the said land was being wasted as it is was used as a dumping site while people need land.
The RTC, however, informed them afterwards that the land was sold to two property developers in 2004, and the group was instructed to submit their names to the council to see how the issue can be resolved.