Kazapua wants more respect for local authority councillors

21 Oct 2017 18:10pm
SWAKOPMUND, 21 OCT (NAMPA) - Windhoek mayor, Muesee Kazapua has slammed protocol officers as being ‘ignorant’, as they allegedly do not know the faces and names of most town mayors and councillors.
Kazapua said this on Friday at the first joint meeting of the Association of Local Authorities (ALAN) held in Swakopmund.
He made the remarks while motivating a resolution that diplomatic passports be issued to local authority councillors and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs).
“When they see you there is no respect, especially for some of us who are small by nature. Maybe they expect you to be big,” Kazapua said.
The mayor said councillors are mistreated even by members of the public, whom he said are supposed to respect them.
He noted that to deal with the situation, the City of Windhoek designed special VIP stickers for vehicles used by councillors.
“I suggest that other town councils also come up with some sort of identification which might help,” he said.
Nkurenkuru Town Council CEO, Sindimba Petrus Sikongo said such ‘disrespect’ should not be tolerated.
He suggested that they be given VIP treatment like ministers, especially when they pass through roadblocks.
In response, Bukalo Village Council Chairperson, Charles Siyauya said he was tasked by ALAN to find out from the Ministry of Works and Transport if they can get VIP stickers.
“The ministry said we should the names of all the councils so they can organise the stickers,” Siyauya told the meeting.
Meanwhile, Katima Mulilo mayor Georgina Mwiya-Simataa said there should be uniformity in the Subsistence and Travel allowances given to councillors.
She said the allowance given to some councillors is so little that they cannot afford to pay for accommodation and food.
Accepting the resolution, Oshakati mayor Angelus Iiyambo said the current N.dollars 700 a day his council give is not enough.
“Decent accommodation in most towns costs N.dollars 1 000 or more and we cannot afford it. Soon we will find ourselves sleeping under bridges when out on duty,” he said.
The resolutions were incorporated into the main list which will be attended to by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development for possible implementation.
The meeting, which deliberated on matters affecting local authorities as from Monday, ended Friday.