Kunene Region remembers the late Muharukua

20 Oct 2017 18:30pm
OPUWO, 20 OCT (NAMPA) – More than a thousand residents of Opuwo and nearby villages in the Kunene Region turned up Friday at the Newman Katuta Sport Complex to pay tribute to the late governor Angelika Muharukua.
Nampa spoke to some mourners at the memorial service, specifically on how they would remember the late governor.
Mutambo Mutambo, one of the residents who has been living in Opuwo for more than 20 years, said the late governor was a brave and hardworking person.
“It’s difficult to get a person with the character of Muharukua as she was a straight talking person and she never feared anyone.”
Former councillor of Epupa Constituency, Kasita Mburura describe Muharukua as an exemplary, passionate and strong leader.
“We worked together when I was a councillor and she assisted with the development, especially upgrading the life of marginalised communities in Epupa constituency,” said Mburura.
He said Muharukua participated in building schools for Ovatua, Ovatjimba and Ovahimba people as she encouraged people to study although she did not go to school herself.
She assisted with community projects and offered different services to the community and she did not give up on what she wanted to do.
A teacher at Alpha Combined School near Opuwo, Uetukurisa Kavari-Japuhua said Muharukua was a mother to many people.
“We are expecting the coming governor to be a person who can hear and assist with residents’ problems like Muharukua,” Kavari-Japuhua stressed.
Mavehupua Tjindunda from Etanga village, 100 kilometres outside Opuwo said it was very sad and painful to be at the memorial of the governor.
“She died while trying to make changes at the Opuwo State Hospital and now there is no one to talk on our behalf.”
Muharukua died in Windhoek on 01 October of a suspected heart attack. She will be buried at Ovinjange village on Saturday.