Namibia to host the Felabration Annual Music Festival

20 Oct 2017 08:20am
WINDHOEK, 20 OCT (NAMPA) - Namibia is to host its own edition of the International Felabration Annual Music festival at the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) on 28 October.
The festival will be held in memory and celebration of Fela Kuti, a legendary Nigerian-born musician and human rights activist who died on 02 August 1997 at the age of 58.
The musician more affectionately known as Fela, born on 15 October 1938, was well-known for his bravery, humanitarianism, fierce radicalism and honesty expression through his Afrobeat music genre - a fusion of West African musical styles, highlife and American jazz with chanted vocals.
Felabration is an annual music festival conceived in 1998 in celebration of Fela’s vision for a united Africa and his dedicated to the liberation and self-determination of all Africans including those in the diaspora.
His unparalleled body of work has influenced and continues to influence a wide range of musicians globally.
A statement by FNCC Communication officer, Alexandrine Guinot Wednesday says the Felabration is a show not to be missed.
Guinot said preparations for Felabration are underway as the event is expected to have a vinyl music event hosted through partnerships between FNCC and KoolTrain, a local media and events company.
Some of the artists billed to perform are the Namibian vinyl DJ, Brother Mbango and South African-based Zimbabwean vinyl DJ; TheNew T:MEr, who will be spinning vinyl records of the legendary Fela and other Afrobeat/Afrofunk artists who will be blending music from across the African continent and the African Diaspora, with Latin Jazz.
Other genres expected to be played, all on vinyl, include, Cuban Guajira, Brazilian Bossa Nova, Congolese Rumba & Soukous, Japanese Koto and Shakuhachi music; Rare South African Funk; Zimbabwean Mbira music; Central African Juju music; Ghanaian Highlife; Nigerian Afro-beat, Malian Mande; Trinidadian Calypso; American Rare Funk Soul, Northern Soul; Jazzy Hip Hop and Cape Verde Zouk.